Uninstalling ClamAV

If you installed from source

bash ./configure sudo make uninstall

If you installed from packages

  • Debian:

    bash dpkg --remove clamav*

  • Redhat/Fedora:

    bash yum remove clamav*

  • Mandriva:

    bash urpme clamav

  • Gentoo:

    bash emerge -C clamav

  • FreeBSD?:

    bash pkg_deinstall -f security/clamav*

  • Slackware:

    bash /etc/rc.d/rc.clamav stop; removepkg clamav


Make sure that you haven’t got old libraries (libclamav.so) lying around your filesystem. You can verify it using: _

bash $ ldd `which freshclam`

Also make sure there is really only one version of ClamAV installed on your system:

bash $ whereis freshclam $ whereis clamscan