There are many ways to make contact with the project depending on the nature of the query. Please select the most appropriate place to contact from the list below to ensure a timely response.

Missed viruses and false positives

If you want to send us a suspicious file or want to send us a clean file that is incorrectly marked as malware, visit our submission page.

Bug reports and security issues

If you want to report a bug or a security issue, please use our Bugzilla

Mailing Lists

For technical support, please subscribe and post to a ClamAV mailing-list related to the particular topic.

General inquiries

For general inquiries, please use the mailing lists above. Emailing anyone on the ClamAV team directly will most likely get you forwarded to the mailing lists.

Official Representatives and Press Contacts

If you are looking for a Press Contact for ClamAV related interviews, questions, articles etc, please contact Joel Esler. Any other query will most likely get you an auto-response pointing you to the mailing lists, above.

Team members contacts

See the team members page.