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    Here is a list of companies and organizations using ClamAV in production environments.
    If your company (or client) has deployed an anti-virus solution based on ClamAV, we’d like to hear about it ! Once we review your submission, if we find it appropriate, we will list it on this page and your story will receive global visibility!

  • XS4ALL
  • We are using ClamAV together with other two commercial scanners on our mail clusters. We have a few hundred thousand mailboxes.
  • RTC Internet/Catt.com, a small local ISP in the US, uses ClamAV on 2 frontend mail filtering servers. Each of these servers is a dual Athlon MP2800+ with 2GB of memory and three IDE disks (the postfix and amavis queues have their own disks), running postfix 2.1.x+amavis. As of September 2004, they scan an average of 187k messages/day for ~5k users. See the current stats
  • Vermont State government (U.S.) uses ClamAV on its frontend email hubs, which handle several hundred domains and scan approximately 250000 messages each day.
  • Our central email system serves over 120000 users with a cluster of 30 boxes. ClamAV scans over two million email messages a day, which translates to about 46 GB of traffic. That’s a lot of zeroes. Our users thank you!
  • We have a user base of over 12k students and 2k more in faculty and staff. Our core email system is Novell Groupwise and Netmail. We use GEE Whiz combined with ClamAV to scan all incoming email. ClamAV performs nearly 28k scans a day.
  • We’re using ClamAV here at our university since some time now and are satisfied with it. Our servers are running amavisd new + postfix + clamd + spamassassin on Debian GNU/Linux operating system.
  • Slashmail is a secure and functional e-mail system written by a couple of nerds. We completely utilize OpenSource technologies to provide a highly functional but cheap web mail service. We are continually adding new features to our service. We heavily utilize ClamAV and are scanning several thousand emails everyday.
  • Webmail.us specializes in providing small businesses with company-wide email hosting services. All solutions are protected by ClamAV, which runs on 16 Athlon 3200 servers with Red Hat Linux ES 3.0, protecting 15.000 businesses, and ~10 million messages per day (as of January 2006). New virus definitions are pushed to all servers in real-time as updates are released by ClamAV.
  • FastMail.FM, one of the world’s largest e-mail providers, after a long test period chooses ClamAV as a main anti-virus engine on their SMTP servers. E-mail system users at FastMail.FM are provided with virus checks of all incoming messages and file attachments. As of August 2004 there are 400k signups at FastMail.FM, with around 4 millions incoming messages per day. ClamAV is running on Linux, kernel 2.6
  • Spam and Open Relay Blocking System (SORBS) is using ClamAV to scan its incoming mail.
  • Freelists is a service providing free, commercial-grade Internet mailing lists to all interested. Our lists are all internet and technology-related. Thus, we provide a free focal point for technology-inclined individuals and groups on the Internet. We do it all without the support of advertisements, ensuring the highest-quality mailing list experience for you and your users. We run ClamAV on a single machine and filter approximately 1.8 million emails a day.
  • Superonline is the biggest ISP in Turkey with about 300k superonline.com mailboxes and 800K superposta.com mailboxes plus 5k company domains with about 20k mailboxes. Without any update and performance problems, ClamAV scans over 1 million mails per day successfully.
  • We sell the CanIt and CanIt-PRO anti-spam products, and bundle Clam AntiVirus as the default virus scanner. Because of our CanIt installations, tens of thousands of mailboxes are protected from viruses, and millions of messages/day are scanned.
  • Barracuda Networks’ Levow sees considerable merit in the use of opensource antivirus and antispam tools, and [[specifically [barracudanews]] points to ClamAV as the largest and also most widely used opensource antivirus technology: ‘’With a well-built team of contributors helping improve the accuracy and virus definitions as they enter the digital age, ClamAV is a highly respected and very accurate antivirus engine’’ said Levov.
  • The MailHop service offered by Dynamic DNS Network Services uses ClamAV
  • After trying numerous commercial products No-IP.com switched to ClamAV for its virus scanning. All No-IP.com mail services use ClamAV. At last tally No-IP.com was doing over 200k scans per day and the volume is rising quickly. ClamAV is holding up at least as well as the commercial products and the updates are just as often. They are extremely happy with ClamAV’s performance and reliability.
  • Demon Virusfilter is designed to significantly reduce the nuisance and damage caused by viruses. The service is provided free to all Demon customers using our mail service. The Demon Virus filter includes scanning technology from ClamAV.
  • The biggest online auction service in Poland uses ClamAV on the office servers. Almost every Internet user in Poland has some address with allegro.pl in his address book, so we are an easy target for worms and viruses. ClamAV was capable to scan and detect almost 4 viruses per second on our server in high traffic. We do not have to worry about our office workstations.
  • Cantv.net, the largest ISP in Venezuela, uses ClamAV as part of its public anti-virus defense. Our public mail platform runs RedHat Linux and Sendmail. Using the milter interface, we scan upwards of 7.000.000 messages each day.
  • We are a mid-sized norwegian dial-up/dsl ISP and we’re hosting about 250-300k mailboxes (September 2004). Our e-mail systems are running Postfix with ClamAV for both incoming and outgoing messages. We scan about 580k messages a day, where about 14800 are infected messages. The system runs on five Intel dual-Xeon 3.2Ghz servers with RAID1 and RAID5 configurations. ClamAV is really great, and works perfectly together with Postfix and Amavis.
  • INET, Internet Thailand Pcl, is the first and the biggest ISP in Thailand. Also, INET is a leading ICT Solutions provider with a reputation for dependability. We install ClamAV on Qmail server which used as SMTP gateway of incoming and outgoing mail for our customers. We have 50 domains hosted and more than 8000 scans performed each day (December 2004).
  • Italian and international domain registration service, also offers hosting and domain related services. Currently hosting 280k domain names (140k are .it).
  • Register.it S.p.A. works in the area of online presence management for both individuals and companies: domain names, email and web hosting services are the centerpieces of its offerings. Controlled by DADA S.p.A., Register.it operates from its offices in Bergamo and Florence with a staff of 50 professionals and has formulated contracts with all of the most important Registration Authorities worldwide, leading to over 180k registered domains in 240 different countries. Customers’ mailboxes are protected by ClamAV.
  • We are an internet bandwidth provider and a colocation facility in Charlotte, NC, USA. We also handle some outsourced application management and backup services. We provide email filtering for all of our customers as a gratis service and filter over 950 domains. We process anywhere from 450k to 800k messages a day and rely heavily on ClamAV as part of our filtering process to protect our customers.
  • FuturaHost offer industrial and business class web hosting and colocation services. We have 200 servers running ClamAV on both US and UK NOCs, with around 200.000 daily emails scanned on around 2500 domains hosted.
  • Netlynx Technologies is a .in accredited registrar. We are proudly using ClamAV for our Linux based 4 servers which hosts more then 2500 sites and 50000 mail boxes. The servers have Xeon 3.2 GHz CPUs and from 1 to 2 GB of RAM.
  • MyDataBus is an online file storage and sharing service that allows users to securely upload, store and share up to 5GB of data for free on our servers. We use ClamAV and the PHP ClamAVLib extension on our virtual server farm with about 40 virtual servers to process all uploaded files for viruses before adding them to user accounts.