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Production quality releases

Latest stable release: ClamAV 0.98.4 (signatureChangeLog)

All stable releases (old and new ones) are available on our SourceForge page

Please read the upgrade instructions before upgrading.

Development releases

No release candidate is currently planned.

The ChangeLog lists all the recents fixes and improvements.

Latest Git snapshot tarball is updated daily.

You can clone the Git repository (equivalent to a cvs/svn checkout) under UNIX in three ways:

Smart-HTTP protocol (recommended for git 1.7+)
git clone
Git native protocol (recommended for git <1.7)
git clone git://
and then keep your repository updated using:
git pull
Windows users may want to install Git on Windows

ClamAV Bytecode Compiler

The ClamAV bytecode compiler version 0.97.5a is now available.

You can get it by using one of these commands:
$ git clone git:// (recommended for git <1.7)
$ git clone (recommended for git 1.7+)

The repository can be browsed online here:

Make sure to read the clambc manual before you start using it.