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ClamAV 0.95 introduced support for Google Safe Browsing database.

The Safebrowsing database is packed inside a CVD file and distributed through our mirror network. This feature is disabled by default on all installations and should be enabled with extreme care.

All signatures provided by Google Safe Browsing Database will be prefixed with the Safebrowsing tag. If ClamAV reports Safebrowsing.<something> FOUND, it means that the advisory was provided by Google and not by ClamAV Virus database.

Please note that such reports DO NOT necessarily mean that the data scanned contains some malware. You should treat such data as a potential risk, that is a suspicious source of malware.

If you want to know more about the potentially dangerous data matched by the signature, you should visit (for phishing warnings) or (for malware warnings).

In order to enable this feature, you must add SafeBrowsing Yes to freshclam.conf.

There is no option in clamd.conf. If the engine finds Google Safe Browsing files in the database directory, ClamAV will enable safe browsing. To turn it off you need to update freshclam.conf and remove the safebrowsing files from the database directory before restarting clamd.