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Mailing Lists FAQ

Where can I ask questions about using ClamAV?

Subscribe to our clamav-users mailing-list.

I want to take part to the development of ClamAV. Where can I get more info?

Subscribe to the clamav-devel mailing-list.

The mailing-lists generate too many messages per day. I can’t handle them. What shall I do?

There are two possible solutions:

  • Go to the mailing-list mailman interface, click on Unsubscribe or edit options, and turn digest mode on.
  • Access the mailing-lists using a “news reader”.

I sent a message to one of ClamAV’s mailing-lists, but the mail was rejected/held for approval. Why?

Only subscribers are allowed to post to the mailing-list. This is done to avoid spammers.

I read the mailing-list from the Gmane news gateway. Can I post to the mailing-list?

See previous FAQ.

I’ve been unsubscribed from one of the mailing-lists. What happened?

There are two possible reasons: If your account generates too many bounces you’ll be automatically unsubscribed. Please subscribe again with a more reliable account. If we receive even one out of office notification from your vacation program, your address will be unsubscribed and banned from our mailing-lists forever. Sorry for that, there are just too many stupid people out there.

How do I disable mail delivery from the mailing-list I’m subscribed to?

Suppose you are subscribed to clamav-users. Go to clamav-users and enter your mail address at the bottom of the page. Click on Unsubscribe or edit options. At the next page enter your password and press Log in. Under Your clamav-users Subscription Options choose Disabled opposite Mail delivery and press Submit My Changes at the bottom of the page.